All About Us

Launched in 2012, Golden Dreamers is the collaborative creative expression of designer’s Rae Byron and Lisa Vos.  Daring to try new things, take risks and not being afraid to stand out, is what brought this designer duo together.

The company started out as a fashion label and not long after Golden Dreamers decided to embrace their other love, homewares. They have designed a beautiful collection of Dream Catchers that are a stunning addition to any bedroom, living room or outdoor setting. Each Golden Dreamer piece is hand made and completely unique.

The Golden Dreamers signature aesthetic focuses on a modern bohemian-chic style that mixes casual, hippie 70s style with a little modern glam and glitter. Their designs are aimed at the free spirited dreamer.

Rae and Lisa believe an important aspect of style is individuality and embracing your own personality. This philosophy is reflected in the materials, fabrics, colours, and designs, which come together to make up a truly unique design.